Top 5 hikes Voss, Norway

Landscapes, scenery, mountains and fjords is what we are known for, it is a majestic place Western Norway. After a summer of hiking through the Voss mountains, one does not need to hike with the masses to Trolltunga to find spectacular scenery. With only a short commute from Bergen, it is a great opportunity to come and explore the mountains with us!

Here is a list of our top 5 hikes around Voss, some are well known and others not so much. We like to get off the beaten tourist track.

1. Gullhorgabu

Nestled in the heart of Hamlagrø and Bergsdal, this is a gem of a hike that lives up to expectations. As you walk through a valley with surrounding waterfalls, mountains and stunning scenery to keep the eye busy. Summer time is a perfect time to explore this hidden valley, see the flora and fauna and feel like you´ve gone off the beaten track with this hike.

Gullhorgabu is a newly renovated cabin from DNT (Den Norske Turistforening) with 34 beds for overnighters, all of the material used to build the cabin was flown in by helicopter. Gullhorgabu got its name from the mountain next to it, Gullhorg which is 1020 meters above see level.


2. Storebotneggi

This is our go to hike for most afternoons, as the drive from Voss centre is only 20 minutes up Raundalen valley. This short but slightly steep hike is well worth it. It gives a surprisingly stunning view of Voss centre, Vangsvatnet, Gråside top, Horndalsnuten as well as Lønahorgi, which is one of the highest peaks in the area at 1410 M.A.S.L.

Here you can enjoy your coffee and waffles overlooking a well earned view of Voss. Don´t worry we will be there to capture all of those moments

3. Kiellandbu

Probably one of the most instagrammed cabins in the whole of Norway. Its not very demanding hike, that is suitable to most levels of fitness and abilities. We are greeted by a crystal clear river alongside the trail most of the way, here you can taste “REAL” Voss water, yes it will be some of the best water you have ever tasted! Enjoy a gradual hike up to first lake enjoying a real Norwegian tour experience, crossing over small wooden bridges, taking a swim in the small lakes either midway or on the way back down.

Once on the plateau of sveindalseggi you gradually make your way on the trail towards the famous DNT cabin.

4. Sendedalen

Take with you a fishing rod and a sleeping bag, a night under the stars is worth it. In 2019, we will be offering overnighter trips in the Voss mountains. This valley is incredible, there are lots of lakes to cast the fishing line, or keep wandering until you feel the need to relax and just take in the stunning scenery and landscapes that Vikafjellet has to offer.

Hiking through pristine Norwegian wilderness, is a fantastic opportunity to let oneself go and to be free. Let the mind wander and explore its creative side while enjoying being in the moment!

5. Oksen

Oksen is a perfect example that one does not need to go to Trolltunga to enjoy amazing landscapes and scenery of the Norwegian fjords. 360 degree view of Hardangerfjord, this is the jewel on the crown of Voss hiking. Probably the best thing about this hike is that once above the tree line, you can indulge yourself in the view more and more the further you hike up. This is a magical hike that does not need much talking up.

Local knowledge is key to finding these places, and having a car is a must. 

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